The Marvel Comics Digest #1 Featuring The Amazing Spider-Man Limited To Single Printing

by Staff

The Marvel Comics Digest #1, arriving in July in a partnership between Marvel and Archie Comics, is currently up for initial orders from retailers (which closes April 27th), and pre-orders from comic shops until May 15th.

The contents have been released as:

  • Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 38, 156-159;
  • Marvel Age Spider-Man 1, 6;
  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) 2-3;
  • Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man 1;
  • Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors 8

And a limited preview has also been let loose upon the internet.
Here’s a look at those pages:

Marvel describe the Digest line, of which there are more forthcoming from Archie, as one that will feature their “best-selling heroes”. Each Digest will have over 200 pages of “classic” as well as “modern” stories, “spanning every decade of Marvel history”, according to Marvel.
This first Digest focuses on Amazing Spider-Man, and includes comics created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Len Wein, Ross Andru and more.
Full-color and priced at $6.99, this Digest will not be reprinted, according to the publisher. So get it while you can!

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