Another Chance At Damnation – Two Thieves Flee Hell In Heavenly Blues From Scout Comics

by Staff

This July, Scout Comics are bringing us a new series in Heavenly Blues, written by Ben Kahn, with art and cover art written by Bruno Hidalgo. The comic is going to delve into concepts of heaven, hell, and the afterlife, and specifically at the the place of punishment.

Hell is described as “a world where torture isn’t retribution, it’s just hazing”, as discovered by Isaiah Jefferson, Erin Foley, and more. Jefferson was a thief during the Great Depression. Foley was a “grifter” during the Salem Witch trials. When they have a chance to leave Hell and reject judgement from above, what will they do? Well, go back to becoming great thieves, of course.
You may recognize this creative team from the noteworthy OGN Shaman, and they’re here to bring us the first issue of a “mystical heist mash-up from beyond the grave” on July 26th, 2017.

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