Kara Faces Her Worst Nightmare In Supergirl Episode 2.19 – Watch The Extended Promo

by Staff

Next week’s episode of Supergirl, airing on Monday, May 1st on the CW, sets up a very specific conflict for Kara Danvers. Which is more important–the role of Supergirl, or the survival of her sister Alex? Kara and Maggie have to team up to try to beat the ticking clock on a kidnapping that places Alex in a tank of water, Houdini-style.

The thing is, Alex is very capable of defending herself, so placing her in a sealed chamber is probably one of the few ways in which an attacker could get the better of her.
The role of family has been constantly questioned in Supergirl, with a message always emerging that supports the ties that bind, however problematic they might be. Has Supergirl ever been challenged so directly and in such an emotionally charged way?
We’ll find out what she’s capable of in episode 2.19: “Alex”.
Here’s our extended promo for the episode:

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