Daisy’s Looking For A Way Out – Marvel’s Agents Of Hydra Episode 4.20 Is Topsy Turvy

by Staff

In arguable some of the best episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD since its first season, the second half of the show’s fourth season has fans on the edge of their seats.
While the Life Model Decoy mid-season finale also scored high marks, ever since our agents entered “The Framework”, things have been particularly dramatic and unpredictable. And getting to see Coulson as a tweed-wearing teacher has been a bonus that we will be eternally grateful for as well.
However, seeing Fitz’s descent into fascist demigod has been painful, and most of the characters are on very dark journeys with the occasional ray of hope. Now things are getting set for a big showdown, with Ada attempting to cross over to the “real” world by building a human body for herself.
Now, more than ever, our agents need to get out of that Framework. But how?
In this week’s promo, “Daisy’s looking for a way out”:

Tune into Agents of SHIELD on ABC on Tuesday night, May 2nd, at 10/9c to find out if escape is even possible.

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