Looking At Humanoids’ Free Comic Book Day Offering – 30 Pages Of The Incal From Jodorowsky And Moebius

by Staff

If you’re looking for that comic art goodness on Free Comic Book Day, on Saturday, May 6th there’s plenty to choose from, but looking into Humanoids’ FCBD offering might just make your day. If you haven’t read The Incal, and have been thinking about dipping in, this comic will give you a substantial experience of the book, presenting 30 pages of it.

This is actually Humanoids’ first ever FCBD offering, so make them feel welcome and spread the FCBD love on social media if you pick up your copy at your local comic shop. The Incal was created by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius and this seminal work was originally published in Métal Hurlant. It’s a great introduction to the the “Jodoverse,” an expanding sci-fi universe. This comic is, however, for mature audiences.
Take a look at some of the interior art here:

And here’s the animated trailer for the book:

The Humanoids: The Incal Free Comic Book Day comic will be available along with many other comics at your local comic shops on Saturday, May 6th.

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