Break Out Of Your Shell And Check Out The Strumpet’s ‘Origin Stories’

by Staff

[Strumpet 5 cover by Glynnis Fawkes, type design by Elliott Baggott.]

As we’ve mentioned on before, the progressive indie comics anthology The Strumpet is underway in its fifth volume, collecting work from some of the most innovative and challenging cartoonists working today on a “transatalantic” level.
This time, their theme “Origin Stories” takes creators into an autobiographical vein to talk about their formative influences. The book is set to run to 72 pages and is currently funding on Kickstarter, as they have for past volumes.
The Strumpet’s focus is on women telling stories in comics, and is edited by cartoonists Ellen Lindner and Glynnis Fawkes (as well as, in prior issues, editrix emeritae Jeremy Day and Kripa Joshi).

This issue also brings with a big change for cartoonists contributing in that they have been offered a page rate, which they are very happy about.
Artists who will be included in this issue include (but are not limited to):
Patrice Aggs **** Emma Burleigh **** Fran Chang  **** Jamaica Dyer  ****
Glynnis Fawkes **** Jenny Goldstick ****Jennifer Hayden****
Becky Hawkins****The Surreal McCoy **** Ellen Lindner  ****
Danny Noble ****Ginny Skinner **** Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom ****
Bishakh Som **** Rachel Yelding  **** Kriota Willberg **** Rosy Wilson
Rewards for supporters include print copies, digital copies of past issues of the anthology, tote bags, and more.
The campaign is running until May 29th 2017, and is already nearing its goal.

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