Lazarus Returns With Six One-Issue Stories By Six Artists In Lazarus: X+66

by Staff

Image Comics has announced that Greg Rucka (The Old Guard, Black Magic) and Eric Trautmann, are going to be working with Aaron Duran, Neal Bailey and six different artists for six issues of Lazarus: X+66 this July.
In Lazarus: X+66 #1, Steve Lieber (The Fix, Superior Foes of Spider-Man) will be drawing Casey Solomon as she fights to survive Dagger training. In this issue, we’ll learn if Dagger Selection will destroy Casey, or if survival will mean something worse.

Further issues will feature artwork by Mack Chater, Justin Greenwood, Alitha Martinez, Bilquis Evely, and Tristan Jones. Each issue will have a cover by series artist Michael Lark.
Greg Rucka explains:

Part of the joy of writing LAZARUS for me is exploring and defining different aspects of the world, and in particular the characters who inhabit it…Every one of these stories is important in the larger narrative, and getting to provide a laser focus on them is simply something that we can’t do in the confines of the pages of the monthly. And, speaking purely selfishly, it’s a chance to work closely with some amazing talent in both writing and art at the same time.

Trautmann adds: “This project has been a ridiculous amount of fun. LAZARUS has such a unique and interesting setting (which happens to cleave very closely to my own bleak outlook), and it has a surprising and subtle undercurrent of humor so black it has an event horizon. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to participate?”
Lieber looks forward to the first issue of this arc, saying: “My previous collaborations with Greg and with Eric were career highlights for me, both personally and professionally. I was thrilled to work with them both together, along with the wildly talented color artist Santi Arcas.”
Lazarus: X+66 #1 arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, July 19th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, June 26th and can be ordered with Diamond code: MAY170628.

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