You Can Now Read Comics ‘Cinematically’ With Guided View On Kindle

by Staff

ComiXology subscribers have long had the ability to control their reading experience, either in guided view format or in standard page-reading format, and that experience is now being extended to reading comics on Kindle, too.

Amazon has announced the Kindle debut of comiXology’s Guided View experience, now available on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire tablets and Android. Kindle readers can now “cinematically” read from panel-to-panel at their own pace. Guided View is being delivered as part of a free, “over-the-air update” on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire tablets and Android.
Kindle is currently offering Guided View on over 85,000 digital comics and graphic novels and now Kindle readers will get a chance at this new form of reading. Locke & Key is one of the titles you can experience in this way, and author Joe Hill provided the following commentary:

Hill says:

“A good story is magical and you really feel that with comiXology’s Guided View with the way the story flows along. There is nothing like it in comics, the feel of being swept along through a story. To me that is a kind of magic.”

For Amazon, this is simply a matter of expanding the same reading experiences across platforms so that readers have more choice in how they approach comics, which in the end, is making comics more accessible and spreading the reach of the medium.

You can learn more about Guided View right here.

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