From The Gates Of Gotham Team, Elseworlds Story Nightwing: The New Order Lands In August

by Staff


DC Comics have announced a new miniseries this August that will set Dick Grayson up against a new regime in Nightwing: The New Order. The team behind Batman: Gates of Gotham, including writer Kyle Higgins and artist Trevor McCarthy, will be working on the book.

This “elseworlds” story proposes an “alternate universe in which superpowers have been eliminated and outlawed” at the hands of an “authoritarian figure”, according to DC. But the person responsible is, in fact, Grayson, formerly Nightwing. Once those close to him become a target of the regime, he has to re-think his loyalties.

Higgins says regarding this new project:

My all-time favorite DC books throw characters we know and love into future worlds that are equal parts familiar and terrifying, laced with moral issues that aren’t black and white or easily solved. Ultimately, these stories say something about our world. And that’s what we are aiming to do with this Nightwing story, through the lens of a future generation of heroes.

McCarthy comments:

As an artist, there’s nothing better than world building. Diving in and figuring out a visual identity for a book, a character, a city…this is why I love making comics. Add to that the fact that it’s NIGHTWING—the first book I ever drew as a pro—and a chance to work with Kyle again, and I was beyond thrilled for the opportunity.

The new miniseries will run monthly for six issues and Nightwing: The New Order #1 will arrive in comic shops on August 23rd.

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