Ten Episode Deadpool Animated Series Lands At FX Co-Created By Donald Glover

by Staff

This week the big Deadpool news is that the merc with a mouth is heading to an animated series, which is not a format that’s at all out of keeping with Deadpool’s comic history. As long as the series is as “adult” as it needs to be to stay true to the comic character, it seems like the sky’s the limit in the kind of stories an animated series can tell.

According to Variety, the series has also landed at FX, who are also the network that produces Archer, an adult-themed animated series with adventure elements. The success of Archer may be a good indicator that FX know how to find their audiences. Add to that the fact that one of the co-creators will be Donald Glover, who is known to the geek community through the sitcom Community, as well as through a role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film.
Glover has recently created the critically acclaimed series Atlanta, and we’re looking at some very good odds on an authentic feel for the new Deadpool series. Donald Glover’s other co-creator will be his brother Stephen Glover, who has also been working on Atlanta.
A 10 episode series is expected to arrive in 2018. Prepare yourself for animation that rapidly breaks the 4th wall.

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