Metal Gear Solid TITANS Vinyl Collectibles To Arrive In June

by Staff


Titan Merchandise and Konami are working together to release the Metal Gear Solid TITANS: The Phantom Pain Collection arriving at the end of June.
The line of 3″ blindbox figures features heroes and villains from the franchise – including mercenary Venom Snake and his faithful pet wolf DD as well as his allies Quiet, Ocelot and Kazuhira Miller. Also featured in the set are the villainous Skull Face and bad-guys-in-the-making Tretij Rebenok and Eli. The Phantom Pain Collection also includes, scaled down from it’s original 50ft size, Metal Gear Sahelanthropus.
Each of the figures also comes with a “character-specific accessory”, and there are 4 hidden “chase” figures to hunt and collect in this set.
Here’s a look at the “Phantom Pain Collection”:

Look out for the Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain Collection, which should be stocked in shops at the end of June, 2017.

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