A Comics Epic – Watch The Official Trailer For Valiant’s Secret Weapons #1

by Staff

We’ve been talking about Secret Weapons a fair amount here at Comicon.com as a series that presents really unique artwork and a plot that is very clear and inviting for new readers and major Valiant fans alike. Secret Weapons is written by Oscar-nominee Eric Heisserer (The Arrival) and illustrated by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin.

Featuring Livewire as she seeks out some reject psiots who Toyo Harada cast aside, trying to reach them before they are exterminated, the comic is a story about powered underdogs and has a lot of emotional appeal.
We gave an early advance review of Secret Weapons issue #1 here and a preview of #2 here.
Now, Valiant have released their official trailer for the series premier, and you can watch that below.
Secret Weapons #1 will be arriving in shops on June 28th.

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