Beehive Books Are Funding Work Illustrated By Paul Pope, With Shimizu & Sienkiewicz As Stretch Goals

by Staff

In an exciting development for ‘outsider’ focused comic and illustration publisher Beehive Books, they have announced the crowdfunding campaign for an edition of Algernon Blackburn’s The Willows illustrated by Paul Pope. Beehive Books consists of publishers Josh O’Neill, whose work you’ll know from Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, published by Locust Moon Books, and artist and designer Maelle Doliveux.
However, the stretch goals for the campaign are also ambitious, and if reached, will bring two more literary works illustrated by major artists to the world–Yuko Shimizu, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Each work will be presented in lavish large format and slipcase edition. Each edition will also be designed by Maelle Doliveux in collaboration with the book’s illustrator.
Some of the high-end features of the planned books will be:

  • Expansive 9×12″ trim size
  • Lush, textured Kasadaka paper
  • Cloth binding
  • A minimum of ten full-page, full-color illustrations
  • Die-cut slipcases, embossed & debossed with metallic foil blocking
  • Dyed edges
  • Some of the most beautiful artwork you’ll ever lay your eyes on

With a funding goal of $50, 000, the Paul Pope illustrated edition of The Willows is a “turn-of-the-century occult saga of the natural and supernatural world”  that had a huge impact on writers in the 20th century, including H.P. Lovecraft. As Beehive Books has done with their book Temple of Silence, they hope to resurrect a now lesser known work from obscurity and place it back among its peers in literary history.

If the campaign reaches $75,000, then a second book will be produced, an edition of Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales including “The Happy Prince” and “The Selfish Giant”, illustrated by Yuko Shimizu (The Unwritten).

Lastly, if the campaign reaches a grand total of $100,000, then a third book will produced. It will be an edition of H.G. Wells’ classic book The Island of Doctor Moreau illustrated by the great Bill Sienkiewicz. In it we’ll see a “tale of human chimeras and deranged scientific curiosity come to nightmarish life” through amazing illustration work.
The campaign is stuffed with rewards and options, so please take a look at their expansive campaign page, including many glicee prints and other possibilities.
The campaign has just opened, and will continue until Friday, June 16th, so spread the word about a beautiful project that unleashes master artists onto literary works that deserve attention.
You can watch the campaign trailer below:

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