‘We’re Kids. They’ll Kill Us’ – 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Returns This Week With Issue #4

by Staff

The second to last issue of the Black Mask Studios published miniseries 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank arrives this week, bringing us closer to the finale of a comic that’s already a cult classic.

Written by Matthew Rosenberg (We Can Never Go Home, Rocket Raccoon, Kingpin), and illustrated by Tyler Boss, with letters by Thomas Mauer, the series features four middle schoolers who become the targets of low-life criminals due to a shady connection in one of their fathers’ pasts. The art and design on the series has been noteworthy so far, picking up retro themes for each issue, including D&D, video games, and toy cars used to represent our characters as they play games and talk about their lives.
This week’s issue looks like a crazy mash-up in toyland of action figures and stuffed animals that take on the darker themes of the increased pressure building in the plot of the series. The tagline for this issue, “Things go wrong. Things begin to fall apart. Time to arrange a date with a trucker.”, gives you an idea of where things are headed.
Here’s our preview of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #4:

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #4 arrives in shops this Wednesday, May 17th, 2017.

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