Father And Son – A German Precursor To Calvin & Hobbes Comes To US Edition

by Staff


Father and Son was published in the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung between 1934 and 1937 by the German political cartoonist Erich Ohser (using the pseudonym E.O. Plauen after being blacklisted for his opposition to the Nazi regime).
In the comic strip, a “gruff, loving, mustachioed father and his sweet but troublemaking son” encounter adventures based on ordinary life as well as fantastic happenings. Some of these events range from family photoshoots to summer vacations, shipwrecks, and battles with gangsters.
It’s an almost entirely silent comic, but is full of slapstick and visual puns. Brought back to print, Father and Son was the Winner of the Prix du Patrimoine at the 2016 Angoulême comics festival.

Father and Son has now been published by New York Review Books (NYRB) in an English translation by Joel Rotenberg with a biographical afterword by Elke Schulze.
Find out more about this interesting title and more here at NYRB.

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