Purchase Great Comic Art And Help The Crook Family Through A Hard Time

by Staff

Tyler Crook is an extremely gifted comic artist who’s known for his painted style and remarkable sense of atmosphere. He won the Eisner Russ Manning award in 2012 after the release of an OGN with Philip Gelatt from Oni Press, Petrograd. He’s since worked on Witchfinder, Badblood, B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, 6th Gun, and is perhaps best known for his current work on creator-owned series Harrow County from Dark Horse. He’s also the cover artist on Marvel’s Man-Thing written by R.L. Stine.

He sells a great deal of his comic art through Cadence Comic Art online, and recently let his fans know that his wife, Ma’at, is undergoing cancer treatment.

Naturally, this is a hard time for Tyler Crook and Ma’at, though they are soldiering through. Please consider supporting them by purchasing some of Crook’s lovely artwork and sending them your good wishes.

[Pictured above: artwork that is currently for sale]

You can find that artwork here on Cadence Comic Art, ranging from fully painted covers to inked sequential pages.

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