Chuck Forsman’s Revenger + The Fog TPB Is Perfect Summer Reading

by Staff

Chuck Forsman has been doing amazing indie comics work, well, always, but lately it has a particular zing to it, with his foray into exploitation revenge-style storytelling in Revenger, his follow up Revenger + The Fog, and his other recent release Slasher. If you’d like to learn more about Slasher, we interviewed him here on in the past.

Revenger + The Fog is arriving in chunky, colorful trade from Bergen Street Press just in time to make your summer reading list. It’s hard to conceive of a book more suited to vacation lounging or afterwork drinks on the porch than this beauty. It’s arriving this month, in May, and will be popping up worldwide in comic shops.

The story follows main character Revenger who “doesn’t forgive and doesn’t forget”. Set in 1979, the book catches up with Revenger as she has gathered a small gang of recruits around her called “The Fog”. They rob together, fight together, and think of themselves as modern day Robin Hoods. But when one of their own gets kidnapped, it’s time for battle.

This trade collection contains the story “Revenger + The Fog” and also the “Revenger is Trapped” one-shot as a bonus. Forsman’s blend of hyper-violence, realism, and an endlessly appealing color palette will be the immersive experience you are looking for from a unique voice in comics.

You can find out more about the Revenger + The Fog TPB and order the book from Bergen Street Press.

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