Are You Ready To Enter The Top Cow Talent Hunt 2017?

by Staff

Top Cow is building on its long-standing tradition of hosting a Talent Hunt this year to discover “new emerging creatives”.
They will be on the hunt to hire one writer and one artist from anywhere in the world to do paid work for Top Cow in 2018/2019. The goal of the Talent Hunt is to find one previously UNPUBLISHED writer and one previously UNPUBLISHED artist to give them a chance to bring their work to the comic industry in the printed and digital formats.

Top Cow President and Chief Officer Matt Hawkins says:

The comics industry is an awesome one to work in. Both Marc Silvestri and I thought about this and realized that at some point someone gave us a chance. We’re looking to do the same for a few people. Two people may not seem like a lot but we don’t actually publish that many books, so it is a LOT for us.

There are very specific rules for participation in the Talent Hunt, so follow them carefully:
This round your submission must be set in the Edensverse inclusive of any characters featured in Postal, Think Tank and The Tithe. If your story conflicts with published continuity, it will be automatically rejected. Contest participants must write and draw stories based ONLY on these characters.
The contest will be in two phases. Phase 1 runs from June 1st to August 15th at which point all (both art and writing) submitted entries will receive one paragraph of written feedback by October 15, 2017. Those entrants will then have until December 15, 2017 to revise their entry.
Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this feedback process, but you don’t have to and can simply turn in your entry by the final deadline of December 15, 2017.
Notable winners from most recent talent hunts:
Postal, art by Isaac Goodhart
Cyberforce: Artifacts #0, by Camilla Zhang, Kelly Bender, Paul Penna, Francesca Aureli, Jim Towe
Magdalena, co-written by Tini Howard
The Tithe Volume 2: Islamaphobia, art by Phillip Sevy
You can click here to download the rules, submission agreement, and POSTAL script.
So, those are the guidelines and rules for this year’s Top Cow Talent Hunt. Get those entries in and good luck!

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