Three Things We Learn About A One-Eyed Man In Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #8

by Staff

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, our story of under-earth world-devouring plots and a guy with a cybernetic eye team from DC’s Young Animal imprint, has reached its 8th issue and pretty much become multi-dimensional in the potential chaos our hero and team are trying to address. As a god-like being rips through dimensions, taking over some that have already destroyed themselves enough to be easy targets, Cave and his small team of survivors try to figure out their next move. Though Cave is without his eye, which seemingly ran away to attack this being, The Whisperer, he’s still getting vibe-like warnings of danger and menace around the bend.

[Variant cover by Yanick Paquette]

We learn a few things about Cave this issue, and one is that he’s not a great motivational speaker. He’s way too honest about the likely doom, and even varieties of doom that they are set to encounter. But that’s in keeping with what we know about Cave–his barebones approach to things, and his directness, are part of what make him a hero whose progress we like to follow. He has no illusions about his own grandeur and is incredibly realistic about the abilities of his foes.

Another we learn is that he’s not interested in fixing his life. When his daughter Chloe realizes that in this parallel world it’s possible her mother and Cave’s wife might still be alive rather than having died of cancer, Cave shuts down that suggestion. Granted, various reasons might have driven that reaction from Cave, but it seems like he doesn’t want some kind of side-route to happiness, pursuing something that might alleviate his suffering but also can’t really undo the past. He’s far more interested in saving the world(s) and in keeping Chloe alive. He’s a pragmatist whether he has one eye or two.
Lastly, we learn that this relatively mild-mannered man in his always tucked checked shirt does have a down-to-brass tacks desire to destroy threatening forces. He’s always fought back, and with courage that was built on his realization of his own fear and limitations, but what is revealed in this issue is something different. This is Cave going full nuclear and taking on a threat so big that he can’t realistically hope to beat easily. If you think of other comic book or film heroes, they often hit this point much more easily, but since Cave is such a considered person (well, he is a highly educated scientist), it takes a lot for him to go all in. Here we see Cave ascend to a higher level of determination and drive that is no doubt going to carry us through many more issues yet to come.

There are plenty of things to like about issue #8 of Cave Carson, but the developments in Cave-as-hero are always interesting as written by Jon Rivera. It’s also a fairly brutal issue of the comic, reminding us that life is getting cheap and the stakes are getting very high in this battle across dimensions. EBX is getting more alarmingly powerful and if there’s any hope of winning, our heroes have to get tougher.
As in previous issues, the action scenes by Michael Avon Oeming are dramatic and stylish, and the spreads and panel layouts are very creative and atmospheric, bringing that psychedelic edge in the comic to the mode of storytelling. Likewise Nick Filardi’s daring colors really contribute to that trippy feeling in a deep and consistent way.
Don’t miss out on “The Wonderful World of Rocks” and an article from Rock On! Magazine as extras by Mark Russell and Benjamin Dewey. And of course, “Bane’s Coloring Corner” by Brandon Bird to round out the experience.
Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #8 arrived in shops on May 17th. Issue #9 lands on June 21st, 2017.

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