Dynamite To Publish James Bond: Moneypenny Miniseries By Jody Houser And Jacob Edgar

by Staff

Dynamite have announced a new development in their James Bond line, a mini-series focusing on the fabulous Moneypenny, who was once an MI6 field agent, written by Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith, Orphan Black) who will be the first female writer to work in the James Bond comic universe, and illustrated by Jacob Edgar.

[Cover art by Tula Lotay]

Arriving in shops on August 30th, James Bond: Moneypenny focuses on what was intended to be a ‘routine’ protection mission for Moneypenny, until she uncovers a complicated assassination plot that bears an unsettling resemblance to a terrorist attack from her childhood. Can Monneypenny stop the impending plot before it’s too late?
Writer Jody Houser says:

As someone who came to James Bond late (much to the horror of many of my friends), the idea that I’d get to play in that world is amazing. Writing a character like Moneypenny and exploring what makes her different from the more familiar MI6 operative has been a blast. In this story, we’ll get a look at exactly how she operates and some of the events that made her the woman she is.

Moneypenny first appeared alongside James Bond in Ian Fleming’s very first novel, Casino Royale, published in 1953. As the personal secretary to M, Bond’s boss at MI6, she would go on to play a small role in almost all of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, but did not receive much character development until 2006’s spin-off series, The Moneypenny Diaries. In 2015, Dynamite published Warren Ellis’ James Bond: Eidolon series, in which Moneypenney is featured as a major character.
James Bond: Moneypenny will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ June 2017 Previews catalog, slated for release in August.

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