ComiXology Launches All-New Translation Of Manga Series Battle Angel Alita

by Staff

Out of print for some time, Yukito Kishiro’s popular manga series Battle Angel Alita is now available for the first time in nearly a decade through comiXology. Now a new translation of the first three volumes is available exclusively as a digital release from Kodansha Comics via comiXology Originals.

Kishiro’s post-apocalyptic science fiction story about an “amnesiac cyborg” named Alita has was originally published in 1990. James Cameron is currently producing a live-action adaptation of the popular title.
The digital exclusive release of Battle Angel Alita volumes 1-3 is available for free with a comiXology Unlimited membership, or for $10.99 per volume on comiXology or Kindle.  Each volume is also available in comiXology’s Guided View.

The entire series will be released as part of the comiXology Originals program this year, with Volumes 4-6 debuting in August and the concluding volumes 6-9 appearing in October.
ComiXology Originals are digital only and exclusively available for and Kindle customers.

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