Titan Merchandise Will Release TITANS Monkees For 50th Anniversary Of The Band

by Staff

Following on all the work Titan Merchandise have been doing with The Beatles in their vinyl TITANS line, they have now announced that they’ll be producing a line of collectible vinyl figures for the 50th anniversary of The Monkees.

Titan will be releasing five 4.5″ TITANS Vinyl Figures featuring Davy, Micky, Peter & Mike and even their super-iconic Monkeemobile.
Each Monkees figure is individually window-boxed and the four  band members are presented in their classic Season One red tunics. Each member of the band also comes with an accompanying musical instrument accessory (maracas for Davy, drumsticks for Micky, bass guitar for Peter and twelve-string for Mike).

Titan Merchandise says: “Shake off your Early Morning Blues & Greens, jump aboard the Last Train to Clarksville, declare yourself a Believer and pre-order today!”

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