Is Looking For Contributors In TV/Film And Comics

by Staff


Our website, is looking for contributors to be part of the voice of the site. We are looking for thoughtful reviews, opinion pieces, and columns, as well as audio and video content, particularly in the fields of TV/Film and Comics.
Here’s an idea of what we are looking for:
A Part Time Film/TV writer who is available on a daily basis to post about announcements and releases as well as to write recaps, reviews, and opinion pieces. Experienced writers are strongly preferred, with a demonstrable track record of posting several articles a day on a pop culture site previously. This is a paid position.
Freelance writers in the field of Comics who would like to contribute articles on a weekly basis, ranging from announcements to reviews and opinion pieces about comics and the comics industry. Previous publications on pop culture websites is preferred and contributors will be expected to have a social media presence. This is a paid-by-article with an established weekly and monthly quota position.
Freelance writers who would like to be weekly or monthly columnists, with a specific concept behind their columns which they pursue over an established limited series of posts or ongoing. Pop culture professionals are also encouraged to apply in order to share their expertise and observations, as well as fans of pop culture media. This is paid-by-article with an established weekly or monthly quota position.
Freelance contributors in audio or video media, who would like to generate podcasts or video shows with an established theme on an established schedule. If you would like to develop content specifically for, pay can be discussed. If you would like to retain ownership of the the media created, we can talk about that further also.
Lastly, Convention Reporters as contributors of written, photographic, or video content. If you are interested in representing at your local conventions, please also be in touch.
If you would like to find out more about being a Contributor to, please specify exactly which type(s) of contribution you are interested in making, and send a CV by e-mail expressing your interest to: hannah at
Spread the word! If you know someone who might like to take part, please do let them know about these positions.

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