Can You Crack The Code On Valiant’s Secret Edition Of Secret Weapons #1?

by Staff

Valiant have announced a Secret Weapons #1 Secret Edition for their new series arriving in June. It’s going to be “a top-secret, cloaked-in-secrecy special edition”, according to Valiant.

The new series is written by Academy Award-nominee Eric Heisserer (screenwriter of motion picture Arrival, as well as the upcoming Bloodshot and Harbinger feature films from Sony Pictures) and illustrated by Harvey Award-nominated artist Raul Allen (Wrath of the Eternal Warrior) with Patricia Martin (Bloodshot Reborn)!

The series follows Livewire as she attempts to round up the misfit psiots rejected from Toyo Harada’s program for having powers that he didn’t deem useful. Can she gather them and train them before they fall prey as easy targets to an enemy stalking them?
The “secret” factor in this Secret Edition will be “randomly inserted” into the print run of Secret Weapons #1’s A cover by Raul Allen. The Secret Edition will be “indistinguishable from the A cover except for subtle differences that will not be revealed officially”.

Instead, fans will have to crack the “gamified elements” to uncover secrets hidden in the cover. Readers that manage to obtain the randomly distributed Secret Edition are challenged to decode “a major secret” at the heart of the series. Valiant are hinting that the secret will “reveal the true long term importance of Livewire’s landmark solo debut” and the events that will follow it.

Arriving on June 28th, the first issue of Secret Weapons will hit shops.  Look out for the Secret Edition of the comic with cover A and get ready to track the hidden code!

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