A Serious Confrontation Of Two Superpowers – Think Tank: Animal #3, Out This Week

by Staff

This week, a new issue of Think Tank’s current arc, Animal, arrived in shops, written by Matt Hawkins with artwork by Rahsan Ekedal. In the Animal plotline so far, after key NATO figures have been assassinated by animals, it becomes clear that some of David Loren’s tech has been turned to nefarious purposes that later is used by terrorists to exert control in Russia. In David’s personal life confrontations with his father and his unhappy past are quite a challenge.
In this week’s issue, #3, Russia begins to invade Estonia, proving that the “Animal” threat is far larger than anyone has bargained for, with “drones swarming” in response. And because it’s the perfect time to be thinking of one’s personal growth, David starts dating.

Here’s a close-up look at this week’s issue, currently in shops:

Think Tank: Animal #3 arrived in shops on Wednesday, May 31st and is currently available.

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