Valiant Launch A Mobile App With Thousands Of Comics, Video Channel, News And More

by Staff

Valiant have made a stunning announcement–the launch of the official Valiant Comics mobile app for iOS.
The publisher’s new app is described as “an all-inclusive, one-stop destination for the complete Valiant library” that hosts more than a thousand digital comics, digital collections and digital bundles. The app also includes day-and-date new releases and weekly updates.

In an added feature, the app will also offer access to hundreds of long out-of-print issues from the classic Valiant Universe, spanning more than 25 years of comic book history.

Special bonus content on the app will include a Valiant news feed, video channel, and more.
Here’s a run-down of those app features:

  • Complete Library of  Modern Valiant Titles and Collections
From blockbuster ongoing series like ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, BLOODSHOT REBORN, FAITH, HARBINGER, QUANTUM AND WOODY, and X-O MANOWAR to chart-topping events like 4001 A.D., ARMOR HUNTERS, BOOK OF DEATH, HARBINGER WARS, and THE VALIANT, catch up on the best that Valiant has to offer!
  • Comprehensive Library of All Classic Valiant Titles and Collections
Go back to where it all began and revisit the timeless classics and pulse-pounding introductions that made the original Valiant Universe a legend in its own time!
  • Day-And-Date Release of All New Valiant Titles
Never miss an issue of Valiant’s latest adventures with brand-new releases available for purchase every Wednesday!
  • Direct In-App Purchases
Buy Valiant comics directly on your mobile iOS device and experience your favorite superheroes no matter where you are!
  • Bingeable, Low-Cost Bundles
Jump into Valiant’s most fan-favorite titles and storylines with expertly curated bundle offerings intro-priced for the best deals around!
  • The Valiant Video Channel
View Valiant’s library of animated video trailers and more for free!
  • Constant Valiant News Updates
Stay up-to-date on the Valiant Universe with as-it-happens news, updates and announcements!

The Valiant Comics mobile app is powered by Madefire, and comic purchases can be transferred between this app and the Madefire app, according to Valiant.

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