The First Day Of A Hellish Descent – Preview Issue #1 Of The Unsound From Cullen Bunn And Jack T. Cole

by Staff

This week, a very exciting new horror title debuts from Boom! Studios, The Unsound from Cullen Bunn and Jack T. Cole. In The Unsound, we explore the life of a nurse at Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital where Ashli faces a “bloody riot” that drives her into the lower levels of the facility. There, she begins to encounter a darker world than she had ever encountered, one that’s “hellish” in nature. Encountering “lunatics and monsters”, Ashli also discovers a “secret history of black magic” and “heinous and scientific experiments”.

[Retailer variant cover by David Lafuente]

So, this is a very cheery book, clearly, but it’s one that fans of new directions in horror might well enjoy. Cullen Bunn has proven himself to be a master of mannered horror writing, and new artist Jack T. Cole’s style creates an interesting tension between foreshadowing and revelation.
Here’s a preview of this week’s new comic:

The Unsound #1 arrives on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017, from Boom! Studios.

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