Two New Sci-Fi Titles From Vault Comics In July – Zojaqan And Alien Bounty Hunter

by Staff

Newcomer Vault Comics has been bringing the indie to indie comics with high-quality art and intriguing story concepts in the vein of science fiction and fantasy storytelling. Coming up in July, they have two new series to look out for, Zojaqan, and Alien Bounty Hunter.

Zojaqan is the brain-child of  New York Times best-selling writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with art by Nathan Gooden, and colors by Vittorio Astone, with letters by Deron Bennett.
In this new series, a grieving mother, Shannon Kind, awakes to find herself on a “primordial world” with powers to shape the planet. Will she prove herself to be a creator or destroyer? Zojaqan #1 arrives in shops on Jul 12th, 2017.

Alien Bounty Hunter is written by Adrian F. Wassel and David M. Booher, with art by Nick Robles, and letters by Deron Bennett, produced for the screen by Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson
In Alien Bounty Hunter, Ben Madsen is a bounty hunter from Arcadia and he is offered a bail he can’t ignore. It’s attached to a “ridiculously dangerous-sounding fugitive”, but aren’t they always? Unfortunately his mark is not from Arcadia, in fact he needs to track him through a city no one knows exists.  This original sci-fi franchise is being produced by Mark Wahlberg and created by Stephen Levinson. Alien Bounty Hunter #1 arrives in shops on Jul 19, 2017.

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