Cullen Bunn’s Patreon Account Will Fund His ‘Dark Fantasy Epic’ Novel Shadowcage

by Staff

Patreon, labelled “the best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income” is a financing model that’s on the rise among comic creators. It’s not new, but it does seem to hitting a groundswell right now as a platform for creating a little more financial security for a profession that is almost entirely freelance and income that can be very unpredictable otherwise. Patreon is a system of financial support rendered by fans and friends to a creator in exchange for works created by that person.

It may surprise you that writer Cullen Bunn, whose work ranges from Dark Horse to Image and Boom! Studios, and several Marvel series right now, is trying out Patreon, but that’s a clear reminder that even very successful comic creators may see a winning model in being able to gather their fandom together in one place to in order to build a more secure career.
Cullen Bunn, who is also a prose writer, has created his Patreon account for the support of his comic books, short stories, and novels. He intends to bring supporters of his Patreon, “exclusive new prose novels, starting with a dark fantasy epic” called Shadowcage.
Bunn says:

This is an action-oriented fantasy story set in a world where the worst of the ancient gods and demons are imprisoned within a timeless vault. When the vault is destroyed, these spirits take up residence within the body of a young woman, who gains strange powers but becomes the target of dark forces.

Bunn plans on releasing a chapter a month, and when he’s finished, his supporters will get to help pick his next prose project. He’s also planning on releasing “behind the scenes” material from his comic book pitches, scripts, outlines, notebooks, and essays on being a writer. Since Bunn is prolific and worked with many publishers, this could be a great resource for aspiring comic writers. He’ll also be sharing new short stories with supporters.
This is a model that Bunn is trying out, but like many creators, it has the appeal of a sustainable force for helping bring specific projects into fruition.
Check out what Bunn is up to on his Patreon page right here. Supporting monthly subscriptions start as low as $1.00.

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