Sisters Red In Tooth And Claw – She Wolf Volume 2 Lands This Week

by Staff

This week sees the arrival from Image Comics of Rich Tommaso’s stellar second series of She Wolf in She Wolf Volume 2. This second, independent run of the series focuses in on younger she wolf sister Lizzie and her journey into wolfdom in “Black Baptism“.

The first series followed the life of teen werewolf Gabbie, but now that’s she’s out of the house, her younger sister is having even bigger problems coping with her change to wolf-being. And the gruesome fall-out definitely paints Lizzie as a bad girl who soon falls into the clutches of demonic powers seeking revenge on Gabbie.

Much of this series takes place in the lavishly mythological and folk-tale driven world of wolf-women, marauding demons, and the medieval accents of an unusual depiction of a netherworld. Tomasso, whose artwork in handling the mundane settings of a 7 Eleven or a suburban home can turn the banal into the fascinating, nevertheless really unleashes his abilities on this strange realm and its inhabitants.

Because Lizzie has been corrupted and controlled, older sister Gabbie’s hunt to bring her home leads to an epic conflict between sisters, and Tommaso reprises his wolf fight scenes established in She Wolf Volume 1 with even more potential for drama.
She Wolf Volume 2: Black Baptism is a thrilling journey of a book, at times gruesome, fascinating, and distinctly archetypal as a story of rescuing a lost soul from the underworld and bringing them back to the light. Every panel of Tommaso’s art is worth the experience of reading, and this particular volume may be his most satisfying and complete work yet.
Rich Tommaso is also at Heroes Con in North Carolina this weekend, so you can get him to sign your copy of She Wolf Volume 2, but he will also be selling original artwork, and even art on his upcoming Image series Spy Seal.

I will have copies of SHE WOLF Vol. 2 at Heroescon next week #heroescon2017 #shewolf

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