The Space Riders Follow A Mysterious Transmission This Week In Galaxy Of Brutality #2

by Staff

Written by Fabian Rangel Jr., illustrated by Alexis Ziritt, and lettered by Ryan Ferrier, the phenomenon that is Space Riders returns this week from Black Mask Studios for a second issue of “Galaxy of Brutality“.

In this new issue, Colonel Conley receives a message from a “long lost friend” while training his new recruits, and it’s all hands on deck to find the source of the mysterious signal. Following it, they discover the Omega Structure, a place where “gods go to die!” Wow–better prepare yourself for this issue, “The Last Transmission of Margarita Peligro”.
As if Space Riders hasn’t always been a highly cosmic comic, now we’re getting into even bigger god territory for Alexis Ziritt to channel his artistic madness.
Here’s a full preview of this week’s issue, arriving June 14th:

Look out for Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #2, landing in shops this Wednesday, June 14th, from Black Mask Studios.

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