Getting What You Want Can Make You Uncomfortably Happy – New From Drawn & Quarterly

by Staff


In this new Korea-set graphic novel by Yeon-Sik Hong, the cartoonist relocates to a rural mountainside, leaving Seoul far behind. With his wife, dog, cats, and chickens, Hong’s life in isolation brings new “anxieties” in Uncomfortably Happy.

In this OGN from Drawn & Quarterly, now in shops, we get a haunting view of the Korean countryside, the movements of the natural world throughout the year, and the universal in human relationships.
Uncomfortably Happily is translated by American cartoonist Hellen Jo from the acclaimed Manhwa Today award-winning Korean edition.
Here’s a closer look at the interior art on this book:

Uncomfortably Happy is currently in shops from Drawn & Quarterly.

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