The Devastator Are Publishing Satire Anthology ‘Best American Emails’

by Staff

Humor publisher The Devastator, who are frequently embroiled in humor comics, have announced that they are publishing a satire of literary anthologies, The Best American Emails. The new book will arrive in shops this week, on Tuesday, June 20th.

The Devastator say that a rather shocking number, “over 72 trillion emails” are sent and received in America every year and they are taking advantage of that to bring us the very best.

The Best American Emails is a parody of the famous annual “Best American” collection series, which focus on literature.

Author Amanda Meadows says:

I legit love those anthologies. I thought it would be a fun exercise to treat all the weird, embarrassing, mean, and burdensome emails we receive every day with the same pretension and reverence as great literature.

You can find out more about this title right here and look out for its arrival in shops this week.

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