Black Mask Studios’ Calexit Lands Before San Diego Comic-Con, Tours Extensively Afterwards

by Staff


Black Mask Studios previously announced their upcoming comic, Calexit, which poses the question: What if California refused to be ruled by a tyrannical President? Now the release date for the series has been announced on this remarkably relevant book: July 12, 2017. The release date will be a week before San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and the book will be available at the show.

The ongoing series by writer Matteo Pizzolo and artist Amancay Nahuelpan will have the “CALEXIT: Comics Change The World Tour”, held in a wide array of  comic stores, to promote the new series.

Black Mask co-founder and Calexit writer Matteo Pizzolo, says:

Given the level of conversation we’re already hearing around CALEXIT, it made sense to debut the series timed to California’s own San Diego Comic Con where we can directly engage with readers and discuss the intentions behind the book. We’re looking to spark a dialogue with fans, press and retailers about what’s happening, both in the real world and in the fictional world of CALEXIT. There’s no better way to do that then hit the road on the ‘CALEXIT: Comics Change The World Tour’ signing tour.

Pizzolo and Nahuelpan will be joined by other Black Mask Studios creators at CALEXIT: Comics Change The World Tour events throughout the year:

Here are the locations for the CALEXIT: Comics Change The World Tour Wave 1:

  • 4 Color Fantasies, Rancho Cucamonga

  • Alakazam Comics, Irvine

  • Brian’s Comics, Petaluma

  • Cape & Cowl Comics, Oakland

  • Comickaze, San Diego

  • Comics Conspiracy, Sunnyvale

  • Comics Factory, Pasadena

  • Comix Experience, San Francisco

  • Escapist Comics, Berkeley

  • Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood

  • Hypno Comics, Ventura

  • Meltdown Comics, West Hollywood

  • Mission: Comics & Art, San Francisco

  • Njoy Comics & Games, Northridge

  • POP Comics, Anaheim

  • Pulp Fiction Comics, Long Beach

  • Pulp Fiction Comics, Culver City

  • A Shop Called Quest, Claremont

  • A Shop Called Quest, Downtown LA

  • A Shop Called Quest, Redding

  • Southern California Comics, San Diego

  • More locations to come

Wave 2 will be in Pacific Coast Sister Cities this summer, with signings in Tijuana, Oregon, and Washington State. Wave 3 will be a Red State Tour in the Fall.

In Calexit, the citizens of California try to seize power back from an “autocratic government”. The ongoing series follows the story of Jamil, a 25-year old courier (aka smuggler), and Zora, a 27-year old leader in the Pacific Coast Sister Cities Resistance, who escape from a prison camp in Occupied Los Angeles, a place of martial law.  America’s “demagogue President” signed an executive order to deport all immigrants a year previously, and California responded by proclaiming itself a Sanctuary State.

According to the publisher, each issue of Calexit will also include “non-fiction material” about local sustainability and grassroots campaigning for 2018 elections.

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