Chuck Palahniuk’s Next Novella Is An Adult Coloring Book – Legacy: An Off-Color Novella For You To Color

by Staff


This Autumn, Dark Horse Books will be releasing a new work by Chuck Palahniuk, and though it’s his new novella, it’s also an adult coloring book.  Legacy: An Off-Color Novella for You to Color, will feature colorable illustrations by comic artists Steve Morris and Mike Norton.

Described as “a dark but colorful fable with aspiring immortals, an amoral banker and his despicable family”, the work also includes “a stalker and the kind of extreme storytelling and biting social satire that the readers of Fight Club, Choke and Survivor have come to expect”, according to Dark Horse.

Preceded by Dark Horse’s publication of Palahniuk’s coloring book for adults that was also a new short story collection, Bait: Off-Color Stories for You to Color, Legacy is Palahniuk’s first long form prose publication since the release of his novel Beautiful You in 2014.

Palahniuk says:

Imagine if Joseph Campbell produced a coloring book. Legacy will be one part Art Bell, one part Carl Jung, part George Noory, and right brain from cover to cover.  All cultures have their myths about attaining immortality, but Dark Horse, Mike, Steve and I are the first to slap such high culture anthropology into the low culture world of coloring. Each reader will bring his or her final details to the story. When colored, each book will be a one-of piece of collaborative art worth keeping for the ages!

Legacy: An Off-Color Novella for You to Color is a 8.5 x 11 inch hardcover book, with uncoated and white interior paper stock, and its cover is illustrated and colored by Duncan Fegredo and designed by Nate Piekos.

Legacy: An Off-Color Novella for You to Color goes on sale from Dark Horse Books in both comic shops and bookstores on November 7, 2017.

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