Get Your Horror Fresh With Gravetrancers From Black Mask In September

by Staff

It’s rare that when I read solicit information on a new book coming out, I find I’m making an astonished face to myself, but let’s hand it to Black Mask Studios for their book Gravetrancers in September. This is a truly a horror book of rare device.

Written by Mark L. Miller (Piroutette) and illustrated by James Whynot, this book, from the look of the cover, will have quite gripping artwork, and dives deep into ghoulish grave horror. When Maribel and Anthony are looking for the grave of their estranged father, they discover an “eccentric clan of grave-robbers” in an abandoned field of unmarked graves.
Things get even weirder when they find that this clan have created a “highly addictive drug made from human remains” and the freshness of the corpse determines the strength of the dose (I am not making this up. Miller and Whynot made this up.)
This comic is a “descent into a psychedelic, neon-colored nightmare”,  where Maribel and Anthony have to try to keep from becoming the next hit.
Described as a “grisly grindhouse tale of taboo and terror”, by Black Mask Studios, you can pick up the first issue of Gravetrancers on September 27th, 2017.

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