Book About A Visionary And Forgotten Cartoonist Gets Chosen For Kickstarter Gold Return Campaign

by Staff

When Beehive Books funded The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Works & Worlds of Herbert Crowley on Kickstarter, they far exceeded their goal and set out to bring this excellent book to their supporters. But the journey wasn’t over for this particular campaign, since they were honored by being chosen by Kickstarter for their “Gold” level feature, meaning the campaign could return for a limited time with new incentives.
Now the campaign is back and called “Kickstarter Gold: Recurring Dreams of Herbert Crowley“. The new campaign also includes limited edition giclée prints and more. The second campaign has already met its modest goal but is still active until July 22nd, if you’d like to take part and take the opportunity to receive this beautiful book.

Herbert Crowley was an early 20th century illustrator and cartoonists who was exhibited alongside works by Winsor McCay, Monet, and Pablo Picasso, but who has largely been forgotten in recent decades. This art book includes hundreds of newly discovered Herbert Crowley pieces which have never been published or exhibited anywhere, in any form, according to Beehive Books. The initial campaign has a passionate response from fans and raised almost 100,000 dollars.
Until July 22nd, you can get both the book, and prints of Crowley’s work:

And a bronze pin featuring Crowley’s character “Wigglemuch”:

Watch the trailer below to learn more about this great project that even Kickstarter thinks deserves another round of funding:

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