Rockstars Returns With More Musical Mystery in August

by James Ferguson


This August, the supernatural music conspiracy series, Rockstars returns with an all-new arc from Image Comics. Issue #6, written by Joe Harris and illustrated by Megan Hutchinson, kicks off Children of the Beast wherein “rock ‘n’ roll investigators” Jackie Mayer and Dorothy Buell discover a link between an ’80s metal legend and the hot, new shredding sensation Dani Dangerous.

Harris says:

If there was ever a genre that fit the Rockstars modus, ethos, and mythological mission statement, it’s metal. And, with Children of the Beast, we’re tapping into some of my favorite tropes and subversive tendencies from the 1980s to today, including backward masking, album cover mascots, horns throwing, head banging, hell-raising, unauthorized parking lot videotape and the most Satanic of panics the parents of America’s children could suffer. We’re going straight for jugular with this one!

“Finally, I get to draw the dreams that I envisioned when I was a kid listening to metal albums before my parents got home,” says Hutchison.

Rockstars #6 is set for release on Wednesday, August 16th. The final order cutoff date is Monday, July 24th. You can order it using Diamond code: JUN170790.

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