Eugene Meets A Hellish Companion In A Preview Of Next Week’s Preacher

by Erik Amaya

As seen in the following preview of next week’s Preacher, Eugene finds himself in Hell and meets a new cellmate. Meanwhile, Tulip’s troubles are multiplying and Jesse’s only hope of finding her rests with Cassidy. That always turns out well.

And, yes, that Noah Taylor reprising his role as Adolf Hitler. The actor previously played the Nazi leader in 2002’s Max. In that film, Hitler was a young man learning to appreciate art at the behest of John Cusack. Wonder if he’ll try to teach Eugene something this time around? And while we’re asking questions, is God already trying to make a deal with Cassidy? He has a couple of good bargaining chips, but these sorts of deals always have a way of going south.
Preacher airs Mondays at 9pm on AMC.

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