Exclusive Preview And Review Of GWAR: Orgasmageddon #2, Out This Week

by Olly MacNamee


If you know anything about GWAR, then you should know what to expect from this comic. Especially if you’ve read the first issue last month, which I am assuming you have. So, the sheer level of gags, gore and gratuitous violence should be no surprise to anyone brave enough to pick up this second issue.
If not, then take a look at our preview, below, of this week’s issue, out on Wednesday, the 5th of July.
The gang are still stuck time hopping through time, and still affecting history whether they know it or not. They may be too dumb to get this all the time, but they ain’t too dumb to realise they’re in a comic from time to time. It’s all very comically meta at times. So, not for the first time do GWAR recognise that, with a change of artist, comes a change of style, with with band member Matt ‘Sawborg Destructo’ Maguire helping out on art chores for their journey through time, and landing slap-bang in the middle of a human sacrifice in Aztec Mexico. Long before any Spanish colonists had arrived too.
‘Beefcake’, from the band, recognises that he looks ‘even fatter’ while Gwar Girl, Estrogina, seems to grow in certain anatomical areas too. And it does not go unnoticed. Like Jessica Rabbit, she’s not necessarily bad, she’s just drawn that way sometimes.
On main art duties is Johnathan Brandon Sawyer who’s style is just the right side of cartoon-like to suit the silliness of the story but which would not be out of sync on many a more mainstream-type book. There are hints at a certain level of realism to his art–when he’s portraying the Nazi soldiers, for instance, and the backdrop of Berlin–that suggest he has more to offer when he needs to adapt his style. But, for this title, Sawyer’s artwork is great fit. GWAR are larger than life characters of the music world, and so too in the comics. Sawyer brings the bombastic as well as the more sober when he needs to. Thankfully, there’s not too much ‘sober’ about this comic.

Matt Miner and Matt Maguire are having a blast writing this title as a tag-team and it’s all done with a knowing wink to the reader, and alongside the readers. Time trips to Nazi Germany (is there any other kind of Germany that exists in American comics, I wonder, as a person of Germanic descent?) end badly–well for Hitler anyway–and it’s all done with wild abandonment by the guys and gals from GWAR as they singlehandedly bring feminism, of a sort, to Nazi Germany and in particular to Eva Braun. Well, she’s certainly empowered by the GWAR Girls, that’s for sure. You’ll see what I mean if you care to pick up this month’s mayhem.
One final trip through time and another potentially disastrous result of their moronic meddling and the issue ends on another cliffhanger and another chance at one last piece of coarse humour, leaving GWAR fans gasping with open mouths for the next issue.

Backing this all up are two blasts from the pasts, as strips from the heady days of the 90s are presented to make this another oversized issue, featuring GWAR member Bob Gorman’s strip X-Cops/Zipper Pig and another band member, Hunter Jackson’s Been There. Done That. Seen It.
Rounding off this issue is yet another strip, this time another original strip by Miner, Maguire and art by Kelly Williams (GWAR Slave Follies). These strips help make the whole comic feel evocative of the ‘zine scene of the 90’s and the former strip are very much in that vein, along with the new strip. This is a comic, but it doesn’t have to feel that way.
Humour comics, like Chew and I Hate Fairy Land prove that there is a growing market not only for humour titles but a particularly dark and knowingly self-mocking humour that this comic delivers in spades. But, I doubt it’s for the more conservative readers out there. But, if you copped a look at the Donald Trump variant from the first issue, you’ll know that too. I get the feeling it’ll be a comic you either love or hate.
I loved it. But then, I am a snotty old school type of punk-rocker anyway. And a del-confessed GWAR groupie too.
Rock on and read on!

Check out this exclusive preview of issue #2, out this week!


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