‘Have Mercy!’ 30 Years of Full House, 3 Seasons Of Fuller House

by Christine Marie Attardo

This week it was announced that the Netflix series Fuller House’s third series would be premiering the first nine episodes on September 22nd, which happens to also be the 30th anniversary of the original series Full House. Can you believe it? 30 years! For me, Full House was a staple of my childhood. With the resurgence of the family show and the success of Fuller House, I’m a happy fan.

Actress Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, spilled the news about the premiere. It’s fitting that she’s making such big announcements since her character has really become a central figure of the show. This past season we watched Stephanie fall in love with Kimmy’s goofy brother.
I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t too thrilled about her storyline. I much prefer the Team Steve and Team Matt debate going on with D.J.
I guess time will tell how the show will pan out. Hopefully it will continue to be an enjoyable experience to watch. John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse, continues to share in the excitement.

Fuller House Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.
Christine Marie Attardo is a 28 year old writer, poet, and all around creative human. She loves all things nerdy and Gail Simone related. When she’s not writing, you can find her nose in a book or her face glued to her computer screen playing video games. Chat with her on Twitter @AWritersWay. 

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