The Flash Starts Shooting Season Four Soon, But Don’t Call It A Rebirth

by Erik Amaya

According to The Flash‘s production office Twitter account, the show goes back to work tomorrow. The tweet also offers an interesting name for episode 401.

And here I was assuming it would be called “Rebirth.”
But “The Flash Reborn” still echoes the theme of DC Comics’ current editorial direction and the 2009 miniseries which re-introduced Barry Allen to the DC Universe. Hopefully, it means Barry will return from the Speed Force with significantly less survivor’s guilt and more of the boyish optimism which set him apart from Oliver Queen, John Diggle and other tortured heroes of Earth-1. I’ll be honest, the season three episode in which Barry lost his memory was a breath of fresh air as he was happy again. It would also make an interesting twist to see him return at peace. Generally, CW heroes return from Heaven or Hell with even more angst than when they left.
Granted, I’m assuming the title refers to Barry.
I came to Flash comics at the time Wally West was the central character. He had a great story as he continually learned that he could be faster and, in some ways, better than his uncle. The fact that his real adversary was his hero worship of Barry really appealed to me. And, perhaps, we’ll see some of that with The CW’s Wally as he attempts to take Barry’s place as The Flash of Central City. There’s certainly story to mine there if the show is willing to go a number of episodes without star Grant Gustin. Or, I suppose, he could be isolated in the Speed Force or on an adventure with Jay Garrick. This stuff literally writes itself.
The Flash returns in the Fall.

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