SDCC ’17 Exclusives: Dave Gibbons ‘Rogue Trooper’ Art Print

by Olly MacNamee

Dave Gibbons may very well be known forever more for his work on a little title you may have heard of called Watchmen, but before America found him, Gibbons was a huge contributor to 2000AD and one of the main forces behind the development of the strip Rogue Trooper.
Well, you may be aware that 2000AD, the galaxy’s greatest comic, is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year and at the 2000AD booth at SDCC  (No. 2806), you’ll be able to grab a limited edition print of the eponymous hero as drawn by Gibbons. But, this is not the real reason 2000AD are releasing this. Oh no. Rather, it’s being produced to… well, read for yourself:

Featuring artwork exclusively created for San Diego 2017 by comics royalty Dave Gibbons to mark the launch of the Rogue Trooper Redux video game, based on his legendary future war creation. This brand-new art print is highly limited in number and destined for collectible status. An absolute must-buy for any serious comics fan. Price: $30.00

What is this game, I hear you say? Well, for your 15 minutes sneak-peak, head over to to have a look.
This is Dave Gibbons we’re talking about here, so I imagine they will go quickly. Best of luck!
And, if you don’t get lucky, you may still be able to grab an exclusive SDCC Judge Dredd TV series t-shirt instead.
Or, order yours in advance by following the link here.

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