Celebrate Spider-Man: Homecoming, Mondo Style

by Olly MacNamee


The clock’s already ticking on this one (less than 3 days to be exact) and guess what? I’ve already got mine! Celebrating the release of Spider-man: Homecoming the good folk at Mondo have released a limited edition print and pin set.
So, it’s over to you to  swing across to the Mondo website to bag your poster, pins or both in their bundle pack. This is a hand numbered screen print design by Martin Ansin who’s previous work for Mondo have all sold out! I expect this one to as well.
Although, be warned, I’ve already seen a listing on eBay for this ‘sold out’ print (just announced, don’t forget!) asking for $190. And that’s not the only one either! Cheeky so and so.

Available as a timed-edition for 72-hours from Thursday (7/6) at 12PM CST through Sunday (7/9) at 12PM CST.

WIDTH: 24″
Expected to ship September 2017, though, folks. These things take time as they are screen printed, remember.

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