Let’s Talk About Last Night’s Wynonna Earp

by Erik Amaya


Last night, Wynonna Earp advanced its storyline with a couple of surprising shocks. It also continued to be one of the bolder shows on TV, eating story and introducing ideas at a mad pace.
First of all, the show always moves at a brisk clip. In the first season, the notion of Wynonna defeating the seven Revenants was nearly done by this point. It also began to hint at the other creatures lurking out in the world. Now, thanks to a crazy conversation between Lucado and Dolls, we know one of those other creatures has a name: Mikshun.
It is also name of the demon tentacle thingie infesting Waverly. And then Wynonna. And then Waverly again.
Besides being the source of Waverly’s erratic behavior and regeneration powers, it is also the enemy of a heretofore unseen Order in Purgatory. Their mission: remove Mikshun’s manifestations in the Ghost River Triangle. Their leader: a dude with an uncanny resemblance to Roswell‘s Brendan Fehr. No, wait, it is Brendan Fehr! Hopefully he and the Order will continue to offer assistance and resistance as the team faces a very uncertain future.
Buried within exploding agents and demon spit was the revelation that Black Badge has disappeared. The agency is very, very shadowy. It’s been perfectly happy to leave Dolls and Lucado in the cold for most of the show’s history. But now to leave the Ghost River Triangle entirely suggests something truly awful is coming. Something the gang just isn’t prepared for.
Meanwhile, let’s discuss Lucado. She was a great foil for Wynonna and a potentially great ally. It’s sad to see her go, but it was such a great way to see her go. Seriously, when word went out that press would not have advanced access to the episode, I expected something explosive — but not this!
I was also expecting something potentially devastating for Waverly or Nicole and am extremely relieved that they survived once again. I’m not entirely sure why I keep expecting something awful to happen to them. Last year, executive producer Emily Andras assured fans the couple would survive. Well, at least to the end of the first season. When I asked her about extending the promise at the time, she said “It’s a dangerous world full of demons and lots of crazy stuff will happen.”
Of course, the tension makes for a wilder ride as episodes unfold.
And then there’s the conclusion — the specific reason the episode was withheld from critics — and the most shocking revelation of them all. Wynonna’s new passenger could mean a lot of things for her — and the show — not the least of which is a new heir for a new generation. If she decides to keep it, of course. Then again, the revelation that star Melanie Scrofano was pregnant throughout the production of season two suggestion a certain direction in the storytelling.
Other dangling questions:

  • Who is Juan Carlos? The initials and John from Cincinnati vibe suggest a certain person. But maybe it’s just a cover.
  • Why has Black Badge abandoned the Ghost River Triangle?
  • Why were they such pricks to begin with? Better communications could have prevented a lot of needless deaths.
  • Is Doc the father?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am an Earper. This show is so fun and inventive that I have no choice but to follow it into hell. Hopefully, we’ll have even more crazy things to talk about next week.
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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