Funko Goes All In For Thor: Ragnarok With Minis, Dorbz, Plushies, Keychains In August

by Hannah Means Shannon


Funko have announced a fairly massive slate of products focused on the upcoming autumn film Thor: Ragnarok, ranging from Mystery Minis to Dorbs, keychains and plushies.
The plot of the new film follows Thor to the other side of the universe where he finds himself forced to fight his Avengers teammate the Hulk and the film arrives on November 3rd, 2017.
Here’s a look at those product lines:

Mystery Mini: Thor Ragnarok S1

GameStop and Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Minis will be available, too.

Coming in August.

Dorbz: Thor Ragnarok S1

This Hulk is limited to 5,000 pieces:

Thor: Ragnarok Dorbz exclusives will be available at Walgreens, Hot Topic, and Book-A-Million:

Coming in August.

Hero Plushies: Thor Ragnarok S1

Coming in August.

Pop! Keychain Thor: Ragnarok

Coming in August.

Pop! Thor Ragnarok S1 

Exclusives available at Hot Topic, Toys “R” Us, Walmart, GameStop, and Target:

Coming in August.

Stay tuned to Funko for more information on forthcoming items.

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