Contest Finalists Implore The Tick To “Save My City!”

by Erik Amaya

In parts of the nation, fans are asking the Tick to help save their city.

As part of the #TickSaveMyCity Fan Constest, fans of the City’s favorite crime fighter submitted videos about mission-driven causes in their communities that could use a little boost. And, really, who better than the Tick to inspire some greatness? Amazon and Tongal, along with the executive producer of The TickBarry Josephson (Bones, Life as We Know it) and star of the series Griffin Newman (Vinyl, Search Party) reviewed submissions and, today, announced the top three finalists. The Grand Prize Winner of the #TickSaveMyCity Fan Contest will earn a $10,000 cash prize and the opportunity for the team behind The Tick to save the winner’s city.
As seen above, “Debris Challenge” by Todd Dietz in Cedar Falls, IA, begs the Tick to help them fight debris littering the public waterways and trail systems around the area. In “Refugee Children” by Caleb Van Voorhis of Charlotte, NC, Caleb dons a homemade Tick costume in the hopes of bringing additional aid to ourBRIDGE, a community center helping refugee and immigrant children acclimate to America.

And in the final video, “Doggy Business,” Alan Del Tufo of Waldwick, NJ asks the Tick to help him combat a plague of, um, doggy do in his community. Del Tufo’s hope is to create more awareness of the problem around town.

The winner of the #TickSaveMyCity Fan Contest will earn a $10,000 award for their cause. I’ll admit I have a clear favorite, but I wouldn’t want to influence any of you. Vote for the cause closest to your heart by liking the video of your chose at its official YouTube page.
Meanwhile, The Tick debuts August 25th on Amazon.

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