Heavy Metal Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Art Show In Santa Monica, CA

by Olly MacNamee


Ryan Brown

This Saturday, the 15th of July will see Heavy Metal, ahead of SDCC, mark its 40th anniversary with a group exhibition at CoproGallery in Santa Monica. Prices for originals vary, if you want to take a look ahead of the opening, and you could easily pick up an original piece without breaking the bank. If they last, that is. The show will be running until August 19th, by which time I imagine most of the best pieces–if not all of ’em–will be gone. There’s some pretty nice original pieces available.
With pieces by Ryan Brown (2000AD), Tim Vigil (Faust), Tannio Liberatore (Rank Xerox) and many, many more, if you do happen to live in the Santa Monica area, why not pop on in this weekend and feast your eyes on pieces created by the past masters of Heavy Metal, such as Liberatore, and the new contributors, like Brown, too.
Tannio Liberatore

Tim Vigil

Unfortunately, living in the UK, I don’t think public transport will get me there in time.

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