Boom! Studios Announce Second Big Trouble In Little China Illustrated Novel Ahead Of SDCC ’17

by Hannah Means Shannon

In their 5th announcement ahead of San Diego Comic Con ’17, which will reach a grand total of 10 on the “Road To SDCC ’17”, Boom! Studios have revealed that they’ll be publishing a second Big Trouble in Little China illustrated novel in December 2017 titled “Big Trouble in Merrie Olde England“.

Written by Matthew J. Elliot (RiffTrax, Big Trouble in Little China Illustrated Novel: Big Trouble in Mother Russia), with art by Jonas Scharf (War for the Planet of the Apes, Warlords of Appalachia) and cover art by Robert Sammelin, the hardcover, black and white book will retail for $19.99.
In this second Big Trouble in Little China illustrated prose novel, Jack Burton, Wang Chi, and Gracie Law pursue an adventure to find the sword Excalibur, traversing the “mystical, topsy-turvy underbelly of England” to do so. While hunted by the Wing Kong and the reanimated corpse of Lightning, the trio discovers that things are never as they seem.
Look out for Big Trouble in Little China: Big Troube in Merrie Olde England this December 2017 from Boom! Studios.

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