IDW Debut Craig Yoe’s Edition Of Satire Magazines, ‘Behaving Madly’, At SDCC ’17

by Hannah Means Shannon

IDW have announced a new book edited by Craig Yoe, Behaving Madly, that will debut at San Diego Comic Con 2017 next week.
Basically, Mad Magazine inspired a number of other publishers to embark upon satire magazine publication during Mad’s heyday. And many of them used the same artists, writers, and other comic book creators as Mad.
Now, in Behaving Madly you will find rare, never before reprinted material by such industry legends like: Bill Elder, Jack Davis, John Severin, Joe Maneely, Ross Andru, Joe Kubert, Russ Heath, Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, Lee Elias, Basil Wolverton, Joe Sinnott, Don Heck, Ric Estrada, and Al Jaffe.
In this volume, you’ll also find rare, complete stories by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. A special section at the end of the book is devoted to the way Mad reacted to these imitations and the many ways they took on their main competitor themselves.

Selected and introduced by Ger Apeldoorn and Craig Yoe, Behaving Madly covers every MAD Magazine imitation between 1955 and 1959, from Snafu, Lunatickle, Cockeyed and Crazy, Man, Crazy to Think, Frantic, Frenzy, Loco, Panic and Zany, as well as containing a thoroughly researched introduction on the whole field.
Behaving Madly is a “fresh and funny look into the culture of yesterday, littered with big names and even bigger yucks”, according to IDW.  You’ll see Edward E. Murrow interviewing Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley as an alien, Walt Disney pestering wild life, and spoofs, imitations, and parodies of everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Ernest Hemingway.
For the first time Behaving Madly reveals the previously unknown source for Roy Lichtenstein’s famous, most widely seen painting, Pistol. Pistol (1964) was appropriated from a MAD knock-off, Panic #3 (Nov. 1958), and a magazine, Time, then, used a version by Lichtenstein  for their controversial cover on their “The Gun in America” issue (June 21, 1968). The image was taken by Lichtenstein  from from a magazine to make a Pop Art painting and then went into back to a magazine completing the circle.

Ger Apeldoorn and Craig Yoe are both willing to be interviewed, “probed, and paraded around for the entertainment medium of your choice” on this subject.
You can find them signing copies of Behaving Madly during San Diego Comic-Con at the IDW booth (#2743) on Friday, July 22nd from 1-2pm.

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